Hi Fellow Folk Dancers,
Thank you for responding to our survey!
Wow — we got almost 60 responses which far exceeded expectations!
The November/December 2020 Aijde will have results.
It was great to ‘hear’ from so many. We don’t know who you were (responses were anonymous), but still…. we know you are out there. And we’ll be dancing together sometime. Be assured!

From our message to you in June 2020.
We want to share our conclusions about the resumption of dancing with you:
  • Resumption of in-person dancing depends first on New Mexico Department of Health mandates with regard to mass gatherings or fitness classes.  Rulings could include masks, no hand holding, signing in (for contact tracing purposes), temperature checks, mandatory use of hand sanitizers, etc.
  • Secondly, we are not in charge of the Lloyd Shaw facility and are not able to predict when or if the hall will reopen.  We will be making inquiries there and at CSP and other possible venues, and will give consideration to dancing outdoors.
  • Despite the difficulty of adjusting to these requirements, we hope to dance together again as soon as we can.
As you can see, much of our timetable depends upon the NM Department of Health.  They have the expertise to analyze the data and information on how the state is progressing or regressing. Our crystal ball that might tell us when conditions will be right is cloudy.  Know that we are watching carefully and want to return to dance when we can. Watch this space for updates.
Good health!
  • AIFDF Board: Gary Diggs, Simona Derr, Kerrie Gorrell, Dorothea Migliori, Laura Dickinson, Steve Sacco, Jane Diggs

We hope to resume dancing on Saturday Nights.  Stay tuned . . .


Visit SWIFDI to learn more and to register for the online Zoom Dance Party!

Join us once again for a night of dancing over Zoom, led by Noralyn and Dave Parsons and live music by Clara Byom! We are thrilled to present another chance to get together with all of you even if it can’t yet be in person.

From Noralyn, Dave, and Clara: “Especially during this time of COVID-19, we realize that our living situation is unique – versatile dance leaders and dance musician in the same home. Recognizing this, we aim to host a handful of virtual events in support of New Mexico-based folk music and dance-related non-profit organizations. We look forward to dancing with virtually now and in person as soon as we are able!”

Donations support the mission of the Southwest International Folk Dance Institute. We deeply appreciate your continued participation in and support of the folk dance and music traditions we all love.

While we wait to learn when we might return to dancing together in person, please search “virtual folk dance” and you can find quite a few ways to dance with others — across the US and the world.

We hope to be back dancing soon!

Other links to dances you might enjoy at home.
Santa Rita (for style):  https://youtu.be/mknSvbUYRTE?t=51
                   (choreography):  https://youtu.be/bAnoAhcXXCs
Hora de la Gorj:   https://youtu.be/CwJ03-BDNdQ
We look forward to the day we are dancing these together!

Where we Dance

Lloyd Shaw Dance Center
5506 Coal Ave. SE
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Two blocks southeast of Central and San Mateo

To view a map, cick Here

We welcome all dancers and visitors.

 Teaching is from 7:00-8:15 pm.
Open request dancing begins at 8:15 and ends around 10:30.

Beginning dances and mixers with quick
instructions are scattered throughout the evening.

A $2 donation is requested from those who can
afford it.

Contact:  Jane Diggs 505-299-0332

AIFDF Board of Directors

Gary Diggs, Jane Diggs, Simona Derr,

Laura Dickinson, Kerrie Gorrell,

Dorothea Migliori