An Ode to 2020

by Dorothea M.
We’ve just been through 10 months of lockdown
From March all the way to December
And now that we’ve settled the shock down
Here’s stuff that we ought to remember

The things that the virus has brought us
Have been, for the most part, unwanted
But still there are things it has taught us
About how to get through this undaunted

For example, who cares about weather
I don’t have to drive anywhere
I don’t give a fig or a feather
if it’s snowy or rainy or fair

And then there’s the bother of dressing
Now style is a thing of the past
No reason to do any stressing
I just hope my bathrobe will last

There’s time to learn Yiddish or Latin
Or watch anything that we like
Or try to make masks out of satin
Or finally take that long hike

It’s too bad that we’re all getting fatter
We’ve learned a lot more about cooking
But dieting just doesn’t matter
When nobody really is looking

It’s a shame that some people are lonely
Friends are only as far as the phone
Some are happy with their one and only
Some have learned to be happy alone

You could say Covid’s done us a favor
The folk dance community thrives
with new faces, new dances to savor
till we can go back to our lives

Where we Dance

Lloyd Shaw Dance Center
5506 Coal Ave. SE
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Two blocks southeast of Central and San Mateo

To view a map, cick Here

We welcome all dancers and visitors.

 Teaching is from 7:00-8:15 pm.
Open request dancing begins at 8:15 and ends around 10:30.

Beginning dances and mixers with quick
instructions are scattered throughout the evening.

A $2 donation is requested from those who can
afford it.

Contact:  Jane Diggs 505-299-0332

AIFDF Board of Directors

Gary Diggs, Jane Diggs, Simona Derr,

Laura Dickinson, Kerrie Gorrell,

Dorothea Migliori