And the AIFDF Bike Ride and Potluck!

It’s Back!

2023 T. T. F. F. R. R. & P. P.

The Tantalizing Twentieth Fall Folkdancers’ Riverside Ride and Potluck Picnic is scheduled for Sunday morning, October 29th, 2023. 

After Prudent Procrastination during the heights of the Covid Crisis, Gayle and Gene Vance will graciously host us again, and they announce that the ride this year will Feature a Wake-Up Espresso before the ride, and a Wine Tasting after (with the potluck meal), for all who desire. 

All riders (and non-riders) are welcome at the T. T. F. F. R. R. & P. P.  If you don’t wish to ride, just join us for the potluck. The ride is a loop, allowing any distance (including, if you wish, zero miles).  Weather permitting, those wishing for a longer ride will leave Gayle and Gene’s house at 9:30, heading south on the riverside bike path at a moderate pace. This group might ride 25 miles, or more, or less, as they decide. If you prefer an intermediate or short distance, be ready to leave Gene and Gayle’s house at 11 AM. This group will head north on the riverside bike path at a sedate speed, hopefully encountering the longer distance riders a little after 11. 

A tour around the pleasant, quiet streets in G & G’s neighborhood can be less than a mile. Biking with the 11 o’clock group to the north end of the bike path, at Alameda Boulevard, and back, will cover about 13 miles. Some people decide to make their loops shorter–two miles, four miles, six miles, whatever feels fun. It is easy to pick the time, speed and distance that is right for you. 

We should be back to Gayle and Gene’s house by around 12:30 for the potluck. Bring a big batch of your favorite food to share with other peckish pedalers. We will need to replenish some of the calories consumed on the velocipedes. If the weather looks bad, some of us will probably ride anyway, at least for the short ride. In any case, we will still EAT! Come for the Potluck, whatever the weather. 

For more information, call Derek Roff at 401-4608 ( or Gayle Vance at 459-0302 ( 

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