Thank You for a Wonderful Birthday Party

Thank you

I don’t remember ever being quite so overwhelmed as I was last Friday before Christmas.  Having done one such party, I don’t think I ever need do another (but memories fade, so maybe by the time I’m 80. . . )!  Thanks to all of you who showed up, who wanted to be there but couldn’t, and to all who helped with the various performances, refreshments, clean up, setting up and taking down equipment, etc.  Thanks especially to Mad Robin who played valiantly and beautifully despite losing their sound system and having to go it acoustic; specifically, kudos to Sherilyn, Juli, Doc, Tom, and Gary!  It was a fine party! Scattered in this issue are a few visual reminders, courtesy of Gene Vance!

Thank you!    Gary Diggs

Gary gets a Hug from Gayle and Judith
Gary gets a Hug from Gayle and Judith
Gary and Dorothea
Rose and Harlan
Mad Robin
Dave and Lisa